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Free Useful Software (Updated)

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The Daily Walk with Miracles celebrates over one year on the internet as your Christian, truthful and independent conservative news and inspiration provider

June 23, 2014

Free Useful Software


The Very Best in Free Software
* Free Software — Latest Versions — No Registration *
(Free Antivirus, Antimalware, Browsers, Cleanup, FTP, Etc.)


The Daily Walk with Miracles — Free Useful Software for Our Visitors:

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished June 24, 2014, published September 10, 2010 and ongoing, by Paul Evans:

Introduction by The Daily Walk with Miracles owner Paul Evans: I have a few friends in the IT industry. A few design websites, as I do. One works in networking with a major corporation. One friend owns a computer repair shop here in Wooster, Ohio. To give you an idea of how good this guy is, his shop is the place where Best Buy sends the computers they either can’t or don’t have time or capacity to fix. He’s good, and he has been my friend for six years. It’s fun to hang out at his repair shop, and he has taught me a lot. So, in keeping with The Daily Walk with Miracles’ emphasis on caring and sharing, I decided to offer some of the best free programs that this guy has recommended over the years. I myself took my first computer programming course in 1978 and I know what I am talking about when I make these recommendations — here are the programs for you, completely free of charge, that I use myself. Why pay for great software??? These downloads are free for everyone, no registration, no gimmicks.

Just click the Download icon in the programs’ description to download the .exe file. Save the file to your desktop, and then double click the .exe file to install your free program. These are some of the very best free programs on the market. Moreover, the programs are the ones I myself use all the time. Why pay good money for security programs, for example, when you can get by just fine with really good free antivirus and antimalware/antispyware programs. I know for a fact that the programs I offer here are the ones my geek friends use themselves. We just wanted to offer our visitors the very best in free programs, plus some free games just for fun. Because at The Daily Walk with Miracles, we care!

I do my best to keep these files updated; for example, Internet Explorer 9 has been updated from the Beta to the Release Candidate. However I am only one man, and running this site keeps me pretty busy (and I do have a life, besides this). So if you don’t get the very latest version, please know that the program in question will offer a free update to the latest version upon installation. But instead of hosting the programs here, I now point you at the best known download location for each program.

Enjoy your free software, courtesy of The Daily Walk with Miracles!

Free Security Software

NE Ohio Computer Repair

We’ll Fix or Optimize It For Less!

Phone 234-678-8149

Ohio's Fastest Growing Computer Repair and Optimization Service - Northeast Ohio Computer Repair and Optimization

These are the security programs the professional geeks use themselves to keep their computers safe and free from viruses, adware, dialers, and spyware in general, collectively known as malware. No one should operate a computer without having good antivirus AND antispyware software, and there are a few really good free programs out there. We are offering the best of the best free antivirus programs, Avira, Avast and AVG Free.

Plus, The Daily Walk with Miracles is also offering you three antimalware (general antispyware and adware) programs which have no "shield" – and thus won’t slow your computer down — plus one decent free anti-spyware program that has a shield. These are the choice of professional IT people to scan your computer and remove the bad stuff. We are offering, completely free of charge, Malwarebytes and Spybot, plus the lesser-known Spyware Terminator. Personally I use Malwarebytes and Spyware Terminator and keep the other two also installed in case there is some virus or spyware that I might need one of the other two security programs for. (The web is just not a very safe place, is it?…. and I go all over the web getting the news for you each day.) Use at least one of these free programs every second or third day in a "Quick Scan" and your computer will be completely free of malware. You should install ONE antivirus program, plus as many of the free antimalware/antispyware programs as you feel comfortable with. Because three of ours here have no shields, there is no conflict with your antivirus program, and these antimalware programs therefore will NOT slow your computer down.

Why worry about Trojans, other viruses, adware, dialers, rootkits and other spyware, when easy solutions are available free of charge. And we offer the free programs the professionals use, just because we care about people. The file sizes range from 42 MB to 89 MB for the free antivirus programs, but all of these programs are reliable, recommended by professional IT people, and completely free. Personally I use Avast, but that’s just a personal choice. Any of these three anti-virus programs and free, scan-only antimalware programs (each) will keep your system free of viruses and protect your PC. You really need to have one of each, trust me, you really do. I really just wanted to help out and so I put out this page of freeware for you to download. I know from personal experience that these are good programs, too.

For years I hosted these programs directly on The Daily Walk with Miracles, but they update to newer versions so often that I needed to just point you to the appropriate download page, where there is no spyware, malware or other problems with the download. Often, the free version is offered next to a “Pro” or paid version.

Just pick your personal preferences, click the Download button, save the .exe installation file to your desktop, install and enjoy!

download free useful software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Avira free anti-virus software Download Avira Antivir personal, newest version, about 50 MB, (Freeware) an excellent choice for free anti-virus protection, recommended by professional IT computer geeks.

Download Avast! Free Antivirus, newest version, about 50 or more MB (Freeware) — my own and the current most popular choice for free antivirus protection, recommended by professional IT computer geeks.

download free useful software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download AVG Free antivirus free software Download AVG Free, newest version, about 87 MB. (Freeware) Just click the dowload button for free tried and true antivirus protection, recommended by professional IT computer geeks.

download free useful software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Zone Alarm free firewall Download Zone Alarm free firewall, which is much better than Windows firewall and is the most downloaded firewall, receiving a rating of 5 out of 5 starts at CNET, newest version, about 44.7 MB (Freeware).

Free Antimalware Programs:
Malwarebytes, Spybot & Spyware Terminator:

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Malwarebytes antimalware - antispyware software Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free, newest verssion, about 7.4 MB. (Freeware) — Malwarebytes, like all the antimalware programs (but not the antivirus programs) here excerpt Spyware Terminator, has no shield, there is no conflict with your antivirus program, and the programs will not slow your computer down. Once installed, be sure to click the THIRD tab and update the program. Then click the FIRST tab and do a “quick scan,” which takes about 5 to 6 minutes on most computers and should remove most of the bad stuff from your PC. Run a quick scan every other day, and run a full scan of your computer once a week. Malwarebytes is my own personal choice for protection from Trojans and other viruses, adware, dialers, rootkits, and other spyware. My friend who repairs computers professionally puts this program on all the computers he repairs.

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Spybot Search and Destroy antimalware antispyware free software Download Spybot – Search & Destroy, antimalware, newest version, about 15 MB. (Freeware) — A Great backup to Malwarebytes. If it’s bad, and it’s on your system, Spybot Search and Destroy will get rid of it. It is very “zealous” and there is a small danger it might pick up on something good you would have wanted to keep. Keep this one for the bad infections — just keep the .exe file in your downloads to install if needed. Just click the download button for free antimalware/antispyware protection, recommended by professional IT computer geeks.

Spyware Terminator: It is unusual to find a decent antimalware – antispyware program which actually has a shield, but this one is good enough so that I have used in in my own computers which have plenty of RAM (memory). If you only have 512 MB of memory, I would not recommend this, however.

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Spyware Terminator, a good and reliable anti-malware - antispyware program with a shield Download Spyware Terminator. This is a good and decent anti-malware, antispyware program which actually has a shield to protect your computer and will work in conjunction with your existing antivirus program, without a conflict. The .exe program will download additional components during installation. I would NOT recommend installing the web browser security part of this… when I did so, it badly slowed down my internet browsing experience. Also, having a shield, this program will somewhat slow down your computer, and I would not really recommend it unless you have at least 1 gigabyte of RAM (memory). Be careful not to install the toolbar. But if you DO have adequate memory, I would heartily recommend this as it is a great program. Newest version, about 0.8 MB (Freeware). Recommended but not for beginners.

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download VirusTotal Uploader, which scans any file with any of 40 antivirus programs Download VirusTotal Uploadder, newest version, 140 kilobytes (Freeware). Adds a contextual menu choice (when you right click) to scan any file with any of 40-odd antivirus programs: hugely useful.

TigerDirect Best Sellers

The Daily Walk with Miracles:
Other Free Security Tools

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Microsoft Sysinternals Rootkit Revealer free anti-rootkit software Download Microsoft Sysinternals’ Rootkit Revealer to keep your computer free of troublesome rootkits. Rootkit Revealer Version 1.71, 231 kilobytes, (Freeware) — recommended by Microsoft Sysinternals, do not use on Windows 8.

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Cool Web Search Shredder, free web security software, keep your internet browsing safe Download Cool Web Search Shredder, Newest version (Freeware) — Does your browser redirect to sites you didn’t want to go to, or shut down mysteriously? Does your home page keep changing to something you don’t want? Chances are you have one of a number of malicious programs or browser add ons collectively known as Cool Web Search, and this little program will take care of the problem completely!

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download CCleaner, version 2.35.1223, 3.27 MB, (Freeware) -- Keep your system free of junk files and cookies for optimal speed and safety Download CCleaner, version 2.35.1223, 3.27 MB (Freeware) — the world famous system cleaner from Pyriform. Keep your system clean and running smooth. Get rid of useless junk files and those bad cookies that slow your system down and sometimes make internet browsing impossible, as well as your temporary files and temp. internet files. I run CCleaner free every single day to keep my system clean and running smooth.

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download ATF Cleaner and keep your system clean and running smooth Download ATF Cleaner, newest version available, about 49.5 kilobytes (Freeware) — This is another great cleaner, especially useful for computers running Windows XP and older operating systems. I have heard it said that some people have had problems when they use ATF Cleaner on Windows 7 computers, so be cautious. While I have used ATF Cleaner on Windows 7 computers with no problems, I now use CCleaner exclusively to keep my Windows 8 system clean and running smooth, but if you are running Windows XP (or older systems), ATF Cleaner is great! You probably shouldn’t run it on Windows 7 or 8. There is no install, the program sits as a .exe file on your desktop for repeated use.

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Our Free & Incredibly Useful Software!

We Have the Newest, Best Web Browsers:

YES, we have the latest Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate, with a stripped down and ready feel. Highly recommended:
See What You Need to Know About Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta, Windows IT Pro, September 17, 2010, by Paul Thurrott. Good even if outdated with the release of IE9 release candidate.

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows 7 64 bit personal computers Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows 7 64 bit operating systems. 36 Megabytes. NEW!

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows 7 32 bit personal computers Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows 7 32 bit (x86) operating systems. 19 Megabytes. NEW!

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows Vista 64 bit personal computers Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows Vista 64 bit operating systems. 36 Megabytes. NEW!

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows Vista 32 bit - x86 - personal computers Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows Vista 32 bit (x86) operating systems. 19 Megabytes. NEW!

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate is not currently available for Windows XP and earlier operating systems.

Get Firefox, the best and fastest internet browser for your Computer!

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Firefox 21, the latest stable release of the world's best free web browser, and completely open source Download Firefox, version 21, about 20 MB, (Freeware) — the world’s best internet browser, beats Internet Explorer 8 or 9 by a mile, and completely open source, with thousands of free plugins.

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, Download Firefox Beta Download Firefox, latest Beta, latest version (Freeware) Like to be on the cutting edge? Here’s the latest Firefox beta for you!

Firefox is Available for Windows, Mac or Linux

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The Daily Walk with Miracles
Free Utility Programs for your PC:

download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Advanced System Care Free to fight spyware, clean out junk files, and optimize your Windows operating system Download Advanced System Care Free, latest version (Freeware) — Do you have errors on your Windows Computer? Would you like to have a free program that will take off most spyware, clean junk files and fix the most common Windows registry and system errors? Personally I use Advanced System Care Pro, which I consider a much better program, but if you DO have serious errors on your computer and need some help, and don’t have a lot of cash, you can’t do better than Advanced System Care Free. I know. I’ve tried them all. If you have $19.95 to spend, get Advanced System Care Pro here.

For registry editors and system optimizers, many people prefer Registry Mechanic, although it will cost you $29.95.

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Winamp, the media player with muscle, free from Evans Liberal Politics Download WinAmp, my own personal choice for media players. Version 5.63 or newest, 10.7 MB (Freeware) — This plays almost all audio and video files, including Real format .flv video files. This is the free version, which is full featured but has slow CD ripping and burning. For the very best media player money can buy, get Winamp Pro for $19.95. Hey, I’m cheap, I use the free version. There are thousands of free plugins, skins, visualizations and more for either Free or Pro Winamp media players. Be careful what you subscribe to during installation. These days that’s true of installing any program, sadly.

Download useful free software at The Daily Walk with Miracles, download the latest utorrent bittorent client, free on Evans Liberal Politics Download utorrent, 373 kilobytes, (Freeware) — for the latest and best free bittorrent client. For torrent searches I recommend using IsoHunt, Kick Ass Torrents, The Pirate Bay and BTJunkie. DISCLAIMER: It is entirely possible using free torrent software and websites to download almost unlimited music and movies. Please do not violate copyright in your download choices. The sites I have mentioned DO sometimes try to install spyware. Visit at your own risk. Torrent downloads are usually safe for music and sometimes safe for movies, far less safe if you are looking for pirated software, which usually have some kind of virus or malware in them. It is also ILLEGAL to download copyrighted material for free. The Daily Walk with Miracles is in no way responsible for your use of bittorent clients or torrent downloads, NOR are we in any way responsible if you get a virus or other malware downloading torrent downloads. Use completely at your own risk. By downloading utorrent, you assume all risk for using the bittorent client and The Daily Walk with Miracles is in NO way responsible for any consequences of your use of this software. Music and movies are nonetheless at this time usually considered a "safe" download.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download GIMP, a photo editor fully comparable to Photoshop, but completely free newest version, (Freeware) — Photo editing fully comparable to Photoshop but completely free. The interface is complicated and takes a while to learn, but why pay Adobe hundreds of dollars when this program does the same thing and is completely free.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Filezilla, the only FTP client you will ever need and completely free Download Filezilla, latest version, about 4 MB, (Freeware) — the only FTP client you will ever need to upload files to your website, and completely free.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Notepad Plus plus, for an enhanced Notepad experience, and completely free Download Notepad Plus plus, latest version, about 4 MB, (Freeware) — for an enhanced Notepad experience. Great for designing web pages.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download VideoCacheView, a very useful program which views or copies to your PC any URL's video which is in your browser cache, with many options Download VideoCacheView, 138 kilobytes, (Freeware), a very useful program which views in your browser or copies to your PC any URL’s video which is in your browser cache, with many options. Not for Windows 8.

InformIT (Pearson Education)

Free Games on The Daily Walk with Miracles

These are still hosted here. I have no idea about any newer versions being available.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Mario Brothers, Mario Forever Galaxy, version 1032.4455.0.0, 30.5 MB (Freeware), free on The Daily Walk with Miracles Download Mario Forever Galaxy, version 1032,4455.0.0, 30.5 MB (Freeware) — very close to the original Mario Brothers game you know and love.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Super Brothers 3 Mario Forever, version 4.4 (Freeware) Download Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario Forever, version 4.4, 23.2 MB (Freeware) — This game faithfully reproduces the classic Super Mario Bros, with enhanced graphics and sound and some new features.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Southpark Mario Brothers free on Evans Liberal Politics (Freeware) Download Southpark Mario Brothers, version, 1.90 MB (Freeware) — with eight Southpark Mario adventures.

Download useful free software and games on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download Tetrisk, an enhanced Tetrix game with an element of risk added Download Tetrisk, version 0.0, 967 kilobytes (Freeware) — an enhanced version of the old Tetrix game with an element of risk added.

Download useful free software and games such as free chess on The Daily Walk with Miracles, download 100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows Download a 100 percent free chess board game for Windows, version 7.30, 6.99 MB (Freeware) — about the best free chess game you will find. Believe me, you will lose and you will learn with this free chess game.

Download useful free software and games such as free 'Amazon Chess,' a highly rated interactive chess game, on The Daily Walk with Miracles Download ‘Amazon Chess,’ version, 15.8 MB (Freeware): Conventional chess with a twist – The board turns into a battlefield for Amazons, which violently fight each other in place of conventional pieces.

Microsoft Store

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