Fox Exec to Beck: Everything Youre Talking About Is Coming

Glenn Beck tells his radio audience about an amazing conversation he had with a Fox News executive. The key quote:

I was in this meeting and I pulled one of the guys out, he’s a vice president of Fox. And I said, When I first started working with you — let’s have a frank conversation here — you thought I was nuts.

And he smiled and he said, No, I would say I just thought you were on the cutting edge.

And I said, okay, alright, sure. I said.

Now? he said, Glenn, everything you’re talking about is coming. Everything you’re talking about — everything you’ve been talking about for the last year and a half. It’s all here now. And what you’re saying is coming, I don’t see any other way.

Beck went on to say that the executive told him we have to convince the audience that this is really truly true.

So what is the this that the Fox executive wants Beck to convince people is true? None other than Becks crazy theories like his week-long special from last August claiming that America is burning to the ground.

If you didnt see it, it was a perfect encapsulation of Becks lunacylunacy that apparently Fox execs want him to convince his audience is really truly true.

Becks big problem is that his fantasies arent grounded in reality. At some point, his bubble will burst things that arent sustainable just arent sustainable. Dont ask meask Morton Downey, Jr. All bad things come to an end.

Jed Lewison is a Contributing Editor of Daily Kos and is Editor of Daily Kos TV. He was the former communications director of Sen. Maria Cantwell. jedlewison on Twitter.

See Social conservatives put religious twist on tea party message, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2010, by Kathleen Hennessey.

UPDATE: See Christian Leaders Call for a Boycott of Glenn Beck, Daily Kos, March 12, 2010, by KingOneEye, excerpt quoted verbatim:

In the wake of Glenn Becks admonishment to his viewers that they leave their church if it engages in social justice, the Christian community is rising up to condemn his heresy. This could spell trouble for TVs most famous conspiracy-obsessed, cult-minded, race-baiting, rodeo-clown, crybaby. In fact, it may exacerbate his already severe persecution complex to the point that he envisions these critics as the coming of his tormentors with a giant wooden cross and a crown of thorns.

Jeez, Beck is mad as a hatter. Have a look at this video:

Full Mental Beck