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Ebola Outbreak Thought to Threaten Humanity, Fears Overblown?

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

October 17, 2014

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Ebola Outbreak Thought to Threaten Humanity,
Fears Overblown?

The Ebola Virus Spreads Easily,
and Had Been Thought to Threaten U.S., World

The Daily Walk with Miracles, Updated October 17, 2014, originally published October 13, 2014, with video by CNN, review of news on Ebola by Web M.D., and Global Health Groups Call for ‘Common Mission’ to Fight Ebola, Common Dreams, October 20, 2014, by Lauren McCauley, with commentary by Paul Evans:

Common Dreams: “Analysts say countries should look to examples of Nigeria and Senegal, which fought outbreak with concerted, national response”

While news of Ebola quarantines being lifted in Dallas on Monday brought a measure of relief in the United States’ effort to combat the spread of Ebola, healthcare workers and officials across the globe are saying that the only way to contain what could become the “definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation” is with a united response that includes emergency funding, uniform implementation of safety measures, and federally mandated action.

WHY? would they lift the quarantine on Ebola in Dallas after just several days when the “long” gestation period is 20 days? This may be because, of the two people who had the disease, one’s dead, and one’s recovering in a sealed hospital room. I personally feel though, that it is too soon to relax vigilance in the Dallas area.

See W.H.O. Declares Nigeria Free of Ebola, The New York Times, October 20, 2014, by Nick Cumming-Bruce.

Also see In U.S., Fear of Ebola Closes Schools and Shapes Politics, The New York Times, October 19, 2014, by Jennifer Steinhauer.

Commentary by Paul Evans on Web M.D. article, and general update on the Ebola situation: Here at The Daily Walk with Miracles, we exist only to serve the truth, help people, and serve God. The immediate Ebola crisis has been a terrible one, with humanity’s very existence has been in peril. As the Web M.D. article makes clear, though, the crisis has probably passed, and the only danger left is the exploding nature of rumors and hysteria about Ebola. I was seduced by the terrible danger into writing the article about this dangers of Ebola, as were many other Christians. Only a few days ago (on the 13th), this is what the danger looked like to me as a very loving, concerned Christian man. The dangers to humanity, I still believe, were very real. We saw the rumors about Ebola explode on Facebook and on many web sites like mine. It is really a question of the overall Fate of mankind, and I just do not think it is going to go down as in Revelations, right now.

I have been clear before that though I believe that Revelations is completely true, as is all of the Holy Word of God, there are a few different possible interpretations of this book that I have not read elsewhere, which all make sense to me. Though this is a discussion of the Ebola virus, I believe that Christians need to consider these possible interpretations of Revelations which I will summarize, bringing the discussion as I do so back to pandemics and the Ebola threat.

Considered immanently, in terms of an individual seeker after truth, or else a wrong-minded Christian, Revelations has to do with just how difficult it is to enter into a true covenantal relationship with God and believe in His Son’s redeeming crucifixion, death and resurrection, and to do so with a correct understanding of the Bible. His grace is freely given though may be terribly difficult for some to believe in. (I do honestly believe in Jesus and follow His will for my life, and I understand Jesus as “born in every age,” as a certain yoga master taught in the late 19th century. I feel, as a certainty, my knowledge that God is real, on the level of the multiverse, as in Paul Yuhanick’s Seven Step Method. I conceive of His reality in terms of Aristophanes original conception of Logos, that the universe is caring, or certainly inevitably, “neutral,” (and better or worse depending on location in the universe), but that what we call evil comes from deluded, sick people. The reality of God which IS real, is as per John 1:1, of God as Life, and see that saved Christians constitute the “body of Christ.” In this way, He lives and His reality is so very real! In fact, I see ALL life, everywhere in the universe, as something sacred.)

I try to read His Word, and gather unto myself the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This actually is, (actually), no delusionary thought, but feels almost like a “puckering” of the brain as if an electrical field were charged upon it. [[That is how the presence of God's Holy Spirit has always felt like to me, even when I was much more mentally ill than I am now. God, conceive of how you will, as He, or "they" gave it to us, and it is the source of most governing Western thought.]] In this sense, the horrors of Revelation represent what the individual must go through to have faith, and so is not literally true.

Secondly, and more importantly to the true Christian, perhaps the time of the Plague has just not arrived yet. By some calculations the battle of Armageddon might beset humanity in about three years. Perhaps the Ebola “Plague” is contained for now, as the Web M.D. article suggests strongly, at the link, above. Perhaps the Plague might be, at some later time, the weaponized human-to-human transmissible Avian flu varieties, developed by both the United State’s and Chinese governments. That was an insane thing for each country to do, but China did it first, and the U.S. variety was made as a response, so that both countries would realize that in terms of Avian flu, there is “mutually assured destruction,” should either side be insane enough to release this horror on the world. (I need to point out that no bioweapons lab is secure, is and many agents do inevitably leak out.)

A third interpretation of Revelations is how desperately humanity will have to struggle, and what horrible sacrifices in human lives will have to be made, before we will learn to love one another in Christian love regardless of the differences among us. Whichever of the other two ideas is true, this last one most certainly is true, isn’t it?

The world’s response to the spreading Ebola virus is just now getting under way, and it is too little, too late, in the bad case scenarios to which the truth seems to point. About two weeks ago the CDC stated that their projections had 1.4 million West African deaths by the end of the year. That may be a gross underestimate, and the pandemic may have gone global, by Christmas, or in other words, in two to three months. But is the world reacting in the way that the facts about Ebola seem to suggest we should? One look at the CNN video above, shows how easily and insidiously this disease spreads.

I watched a PBS video on YouTube a couple of days ago and it was an obvious cheapening of the dangers of Ebola to humanity’s future. There is a treatment that helps, but we are out of our supplies of this medicine, it has been used up in West Africa. Why has only a few million dollars been given to the pharmaceutical firm in extra funding to get production ramped up? I’ll take a guess. Perhaps this pharmaceutical holds exclusive patent on the medicine and it does not currently have the facilities to go into major production. This is the case with patent law all around the world. Corporations are so much enthroned as the world’s kings around the U.S. beyond all human ability to deal with, in patent and copyright law, that they are a law unto themselves. When a global pandemic threatens humanity, we must as a nation take much more drastic steps. There is also a brand new vaccine, but it is my guess that at current levels of production that will be mainly for the rich and those in power. You can bet the rich and congressmen will get the new vaccine, but what about the rest of us?

As of yesterday morning, besides the thousands of deaths in West Africa, there were seven new cases in Spain. In the United States, three health care workers have been brought in, one to Kansas and two others to the east coast. Another U.S. nurse is sick and will presumably brought here for treatment. Finally Obama sees something of the necessary response and has sent 3,000 U.S. troops to one of the nations in West Africa. Do you think that’s for treatment or to grab the oil after they’re all dead? Just wondering… If you were for some reason paranoid about how those in power treat the ordinary man, just because they can, you might wonder too. At the Daily Walk with Miracles, we try to be patriotic and cooperate with the authorities, but we will always stand for Life and God when pressed.

Finally, I see in the news yesterday was the fact that a private citizen in Texas has contracted Ebola. The way Ebola plays out does not look very pleasant, not at al like the PBS lady or the person she was interviewing said reminded him of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. This threatens everybody, and our response must me immediate.

Does this sound distressingly and sickeningly like some conspiracy that theorists may conclude might be an Illuminati plot? Various Ebola strains now killing people are 60 percent to 90 percent fatal. It is obvious that both the UN and the U.S. messed up their response on this big time. The threat posed to humanity looms large. In fact, whether Obama manages to avoid Armageddon in the middle east or not, this may be the Plague of which the Bible speaks. Still, there may be time to save a whole lot more people. It’s up to you.

My question is, whether you think this lack of adequate response is a plot or is just evidence of a horrible lack of competence among global leaders, are we going to stand for this as a suffering humanity who has al

ways been the ones oppressed by those in power, or not? If you agree with me that we need a strong response, please share The Daily Walk with Miracles with all your friends and contacts, and tell everyone you know about this developing crisis.

See Ebola: Five ways the CDC got it wrong, CNN News, October 13, 2014, by Elizabeth Cohen.

From Reuters on Yahoo! News, see U.S. CDC head criticized for blaming ‘protocol breach’ as nurse gets Ebola, Reuters, October 13, 2014, by Julie Steenhuysen.

See especially Nurses Warn of ‘System Failure’ as Ebola Spreads to US Healthcare Worker: “Privatized hospitals not providing proper training and equipment to front line workers, charges country’s largest nurses union,” Common Dreams, October 13, 2014, by Lauren McCauley, staff writer.

Also recommended, see CDC chief urges US ‘rethink’ of Ebola strategy after second diagnosis: “CDC chief says hospitals need to be prepared to diagnose patients after officials confirm first case contracted in the US,” The Guardian, October 13, 2014, by Lauren Gambino.

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The Truth About Why You Should Possibly Smoke Cigarettes

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

October 20, 2014

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The Truth About Why You
Should Possibly Smoke Cigarettes

Here is the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished October 20, 2014, published September 15, 2014, by Paul Evans. Image of a painting of a smoking skeleton is by Vincent van Gogh:

I want you to know about cigarettes. Let me write to you the truth, in a way that is actually fully caring, because cigarettes are a great though dangerous experience and I believe that you should really think about giving them a try, or going back to smoking if you’ve quit. Ex-smokers are the worst in their lying to themselves (and others) about why they really do not tolerate smoking. In point of fact, they are hypocrites. However, be very aware that eventually, if you smoke, cigarettes are going to kill you.

Cigarettes are “the perfect drug” as far as big money is concerned. They are the best delivery vehicle for the most addictive drug, with the possible exception of heroin, the world has ever known. Once you have as much as a pack or cigarettes in a day or two, or even as little as three cigarettes, the experts say, you are badly hooked. Then try to get off, just try, I dare you.

Here are the facts: cigarettes contain at least 454 known carcinogens, many of which are very addictive. And then there’s the nicotine.

Vincent Van Gogh painting featuring the top torso of a smoking skelaton

You can buy cigarettes that don’t have the 454 carcinogens in them, mostly. Winstons and an “off brand” called Natural Spirit do not have any additives, or so they claim. Or you could roll your own, which saves four-fifths of the cost, anyway, and is a lot of fun to do.

However cigarettes contain radioactive cadmium, which I feed off of. Here’s the truth about nicotine: nicotine was first used commercially as an insecticide, back in the late nineteenth centruy. It was the first good insecticide that we had. It affects the brain in the same way in the same location in the brain as does heroin. It is just as addictive as heroin, stated the Canadian Surgeon General, but of course the withdrawal is not quite as bad. Or maybe it’s worse, I wouldn’t know, not having ever tried heroin. The first three to five days of heroin withdrawal are much worse, truly hellish, but then it’s about the same. I have seen people withdrawing from heroin, and that is also what they told me the truth was about the two addictions.

However if is FUN to smoke cigarettes. The whole etiquette and process of smoking is fun (and I bet you really miss it). It is also the single most relaxing act in terms of just taking a time out and relaxing that I have in my life. I have an overactive brain and this is the only way I know how to shut it down and just make myself a smoke (which is fun) and really relax. Then there are the other effects of the nicotine: this calms the mind immensely by sort of sedating it…. and IF I so choose, I can hold in the smoke for a greater or lesser time and relax my brain as much as I want. Then too, I can pull the smoke further down and hold it in my lungs, (which I don’t normally do). When the smoke is held in my lungs, the capillaries pick it up and THEN I can get a rush, a sort of sedating trip. Now tell me you don’t want to go back to smoking and I’ll call you a liar.

Smoking cigarettes is fully your choice to do or not to do. You take the risks and you may very well pay the consequences. Did you know that one-half of heart attack victims where doctors say it was caused by smoking actually will go back to smoking after they get out of the hospital.

There are 1.3 billion smokers in the world, and the number is increasing fast because in Third World countries many people are startinig to smoke. The fact is, personally, I don’t want to quit, and people should respect me enough, understanding the addiction, to not judge me and simply allow me to smoke withouth being a bunch of hypocrites. God doesn’t judge me on this, and I know that I prayed to Him about it, and he forgave me and said to me that it was OK for me to smoke. “Judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.” You do believe in God, right? Karma, fate, these are just other names for the infinite, omnipotent and omniscient Holy God of Israel.

Note of August 24, 2014: There is a new factor now in my thinking about cigarettes. Thanks to my friend, Daniel, I have now tried these new “e-cigarettes.” They emit a basically harmless water vapor, and they even come in a whole lot of flavors. They are refillable and rechargeable, and they even cost a lot less than the “roll-your-own” cigarettes I have made for a number of years. But strangely, I find they are not satisfying in the same way that regular cigarettes are, they are not the same experience at all. But if you wanted an acceptable smoke to take into most bars and some restaurants, I would think e-cigarettes might fit the bill.

"Chance favors the prepared mind." — Louis Pasteur

If you don’t believe and any of the writings here at The Daily Walk with Miracles, just call on His Holy name, Immanuel, Jesus Christ, who died for you, repent and enter into a covenental relationship with God. That’s not easy. Repentence is easy, but having a covenental relationship with that which is perfectly Holy costs. It can cost you your whole life’s effort, and it does. It’s not really so hard, though. We’re organic chemicals… we can’t be perfect and God knows this and forgives us our sins. We f*ck up, and we are selfish and sinful, and we shouldn’t judge each other. Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord.

It’s your ‘discretion,’ and the logical filter you use to process all that you run into in your life, that determines what your honest reaction is going to be. I hope and pray that you have made the decision (for it IS a choice) to use the filter of faith in living your life, because as a Christian I feel that, by far, this is the best way to live your life. It works the same way with cigarettes. And it’s only as good as the truth you know. A lot of Christians will tell you that is a sin against the Holy Spirit to smoke. These people do not smoke or have quit. The whole decision about smoking should be strictly between you and God. That’s why we mustn’t judge each other. Overall, smoking or not is a question of your Karma. Karma in fact is just one of the 9 billion (or so) names of God

Please, if you don’t understand, at least ask someone in authority before you interfere with the truth we tell here at The Daily Walk with Miracles. I believe that God and Satan are basically in approval of my ideas, and that it is humans who are the problem. The real reason that the powers that be don’t want the truth told is that they are hypocrites. Neither God nor Satan like liars. God grants Satan a little, shall we say, leeway, to punish evil, and Satan gets fairly creative in his punishment of those who deserve it, subject to veto by God. If you lie, if you do evil, if you are a hypocrite, you WILL be punished. God’s Law is a perfect Law, and you get exactly what you deserve. Period.

Little or nothing happens to men that they do not deserve. Unfortunately sometimes an individual pays the price for an evil that belongs to the overall society, because the society is evil and needs correction. Yet overall, and overall in most people’s lives, it’s “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.”

We should try to understand that God loves us very much, even if sometimes it’s “tough love.”

A new development for me as been the discovery of e-cigarettes. These emit a harmless water vapor and come in a lot of different strengths and hundreds of flavors. My friend Daniel bought some supplies for me and I am trying very hard to switch over to them, completely. I know that society has a problem with you if you smoke, but in the first place, I know that God Himself forgives me my smoking, and in the past, for me, that meant that I thought I could ignore what society wanted for me. I was wrong, and I do humbly apologize. It may take me a month or so to switch over fully to the e-cigarettes, and I do beg everyone’s patience. Thanks for reading this article. I hope it has been helpful to people.

See A Few Thoughts About Mental Health and Smoking, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 4, 2014, by Paul Evans: The mentally ill consume 43 percent of all cigarettes smoked in the United States. And you want US to quit smoking?

See Resources & Help: How to Quit Smoking, The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 3, 2012, by Paul Evans. I don’t want to quit, I enjoy it too much. People who have judged me for smoking are either ignorant or are hypocrites (the ex-smokers are the worst).

Watch Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy, trailer teaser, new movie trailer on YouTube. Aliens are not Biblical, although I believe they are very real. There are some questions Google can’t answer, and the Library of Congress is not mentioned in the Bible, as such.

God’s Love
A Startling Proof of God’s Omnipotence and Love
For Each and Every One of His Children

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Creative Family Values – A New Plan for America on Three Structural Levels

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

October 19, 2014

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“Creative Family Values”
A New Plan for America on Three Structural Levels

Getting Creative on the Levels
of the Family, Churches and the United States as a Whole

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished October 19, 2014, rewritten October 13, 2014, republished June 28 & 29, 2014 and May 29, 2014, with editing, originally published December 5, 2013, by Paul Evans. Placed in the Public Domain:

Here is a new idea that would work, without any pain to the powers that be. Money will still be money, and politics in America will go on as usual. There is nothing hidden here and no secret agenda. The only agenda is to solve America’s “sickness” in terms of its economics and social standing here at home and in the world. It would both cost less, economically, to “do it” this way and it would allow us to work at reducing the national debt. So I am hopeful that these ideas would correct some of what is wrong with the United States today. It works on both economic and social arenas, although it does not address politics much. I am strongly hopeful that this is a plan about which the powers that be might have confidence. Here is a short summary of the plan for America’s future:

I want a lot of what the Republican Party wants, and a lot of what the Democratic Party wants, in a fusion which both parties might support. This would major reform which might satisfy liberals and conservatives, but cost little money, and would not threaten power. The plan is something new which basically is political only in the original sense of the word, not for political solutions or influence, but in the sense of solving our problems as a society. At the same time, it costs very little and would leave money, influence and power unaffected much. I leave it to Washington to implement this whole idea, if they like it. One thing I decided over a year ago was not to be any kind of activist for any particular political ideology. (It drives the various people behind the phone calls I get in support of this or that nuts. But actually once they find out I have no money to give them, they lose all interest anyway LOL.)

In the Alan Parsons Project song “Turn it Up,” he says it’s no good sitting on fences, and no good believing in anything if you don’t believe in yourself. Well I do believe in myself, and in this plan. It IS a compromise, but it also helps the less fortunate in society, yet in a way that money and power can support. And it esssentially somehow gives both sides what they want, economically. THAT is my solution, and I believe in it.

The ideas here are something new, and the overall plan is something I have never read of anywhere else. I had been writing a book I started, initially calling it. “creative Trotskyism under God’s Law.” I now simply call it “Creative Family Values,” taking a page from the main frame which is central to conservative ideology. However this is NOT in any significant way Trotskyism, and is not socialist, but only results in a slightly more just sharing of burdens, responsibilities and rewards. At the national level, the plan fully supports the free enterprise capitalism that this great nation was founded with. It gives the conservatives what they want by reducing the burden of excessive regulation. Then, in the same plan, it gives the liberals what they want by making taxation of corporations more just and fair. The idea, whether you would want to implement the whole plan here of not, is to take this correctional idea for our capitalist, corporate system and to fix it by giving both conservatives and liberals what they want in one relatively simple but corrective piece of legislation. This is the part of my three-level plan which is the compromise America has been waiting for. This part the national economic plan for America, which might almost be called a “National Unity Plan,” and I pray to Almighty God that we can all see this and support it.

But money, power and influence would remain fully as before this fix, except that the plan envisions that they would be given a more caring face by the reforms at the lower two levels of the whole package, with what is actually something that would cost the Federal government only a little in comparison with the overall current cost of entitlements. This would allow us to begin to reduce the national debt, which should further gather conservative support for the Creative Family Values plan. These other two fixes, would cost very little to put in place. it is more top down, again, at the levels it considers for the churcches and charities they support, as well as at the level of the family, and hopefully liberals would more want to run their families and churches in this way, too. The overall idea is, then, an only slightly structurally complex plan with three levels considered, the national economic plan, and one at the level of churches and the charities they support, and also a family values sort of idea for our families.

Trotskyism, you may recall, is small “c” communism, and NOT socialism or Communism. There is a Trotskyite political movement today which tries to influence people’s ideas to make politics and economics more caring and is all about sharing. Remember that in the early Christian church, there was no poverty and “they held their goods in common.” We are far from that today, and I don’t propose any such thing. I just want to humanize our society and make it more caring, but to do so in some way that money and power can accept, and I believe that the ideas here do exactly that.

Trotkyism as a political ideology does not even include, as do most socialist thought, especially the monsters of Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism, any insistance about ownership of the means of production. My ideas are not even really Trotskyism at all. I use the word, a.) because it does include a pure sort of sharing of burdens and responsibilities, as well as rewards, mostly at the lower two levels of the church and the family; and b.) out of my own shared hatred for socialism and communism, which ruined and destroyed what might have been a workiing sort of decent, almost good socialist philosophy. There were many different ideas contending for dominance in the late nineteenth century and Trotskyism never had a chance to develop into anything with any chance. As for me, if I absolutely had to, I would consider myself a Democrat, but only as the lesser of two evils, and a party with a chance at governance, since none of the lesser parties really have a chance, do they?

Nationally capitalism can well be caring and you just make it a little fairer and it is fine, Churches are already sharing burdens and responsiblities among their members, and are a wonderful help to America with their charity. Under the plan, they would do so with additonal money taken from just a little of the entitlement money. Think what wonderful things they would do with this money and it’s a drop in the bucket for entitlement money. For families I take the family values idea and we already have the shared responsibilities, burdens and rewards but it is a top down sort of thing at the family level, as per family values.

Look at the Harvest for Hunger advertisement, below. Think what such an organization could do with two or three times the money it has now! Thus, individual churches should be free to contribute a percentage of the money they get this way to the regional or national organizations, and the money could be distributed in this enormously helpful way for many church sorts of charities, such as People to People. This is the future of charity in America.

Overall, the powers that be need to not worry at all about this. Money will still be money, and power can continue its rule with no worry out of this plan. Free enterprise capitalism just needs to be a little humanized and made just a little caring. Politicians are human beings and I know they really care, too. Why not simply make a few caring changes you need to be re-elected anyway? And what better agency to do this then that of using our churches to distribute even a few or maybe even five times what they’re getting in funding now?

Think about it: by handling the church money at the individual level, conservative churches would take care of their conservative members and liberal churches would take care of other liberals, but these institutions are fair and the monies would be distributed responsibly, as the charity money is today. Faceless entitlements, some of which, however, work very well, do not know conditions at the local or neighborhood level, and the individual churches know who actually needs what and could decide upon the means testing they would want to do, if any.

This is, in a way, God’s plan. It is fully logical and it is caring and so it is “correct” logic, and includes the logic of the whole universe, as per Logos, an ancient Greek condeption which the early church said was the same as Jesus Christ.

I will have more to say about the plan later. More is in the book I’m writing, which is further along in the plan than is written here, although only the introduction to that book has been written thus far, mainly discussing the history of Trotskyism. Really though, regardless of the book, this is the plan, right here in this introduction. It is not logically complex and the rules are fairly simple. I believe in my heart and soul that this is the right idea for America’s future.

From December 5, 2014 (needs an edit)

I want to correct any misperception on where The Daily Walk with Miracles stands in its economic positions. In the blog section of The Daily Walk with Miracles, I did not fully explain myself as to what my position is on the economy and economics. I took an economic position overall which I at one point described as “middle of the road.” I stated that I had certain ideas on governing our nation, and for example, entitlements and the poor, which might even be described as “progresssive,” or that I had that tendency. My views have taken a more specific direction that I want to explain to my readers.

What I have written up till now about my “progressive” ideas in economics is not really accurate, except that I so very much care about the ordinary citizens of the United States, and hate to see suffering by them or anyone else. In the past, I took fairly progressive stances on the economy, yet I am taking large steps in the direction of “austerity” (as I did explain in the “About Us,”. I have recently taken the strong step of deleting from my site all of the articles, except for a few, from before this current year of 2013, because I am in fact a changed man from the knee-jerk liberal or progressive who I once was. However, in the last few months, I have found myself returning to some of my more liberal ideas in economics. In other areas, such as abortion and full support for free enterprise capitalism, as well as support for the Patriot Act and our fine men and women who guard this nation from harm, I am more conservative, as people generally understand the terms. I refuse to be put in a straight jacket and still consider myself as “nonpartisan.”

The overriding reason for future austerity in our national budgets is our unsupportable $17.7 trillion (about) national debt. This is not something which we dare to burden our children with, nor can we allow the debt to continue to grow each year. Please note that this puts me fully at odds with the Democratic Party’s positions, but Obama does see the necessity for reducing our debt. Did you know that the annual debt is now one half of what it was when Barack Obama took office?

Let me just say something about the poisonous words “socialist” and “communist” and explain my wholehearted opposition to any implementation of any kind of model using the major methods coming from either of these systems. In the first place, “Communist” with a big “C” refers to Leninist, Stalinist or Maoist frameworks of government which are dictatorships and involve “government ownership of the means of production.” I cannot state strongly enough how very hard I would fight to prevent this becoming a reality in America. Socialism really implies simply a democratically based system that also includes ownership by the government of most or all of the means of production, and I am hardly any less opposed to that, too. As a former progressive I felt I needed to explain that, and I do feel that such an explanation was, sadly, necessary.

The main economic position I have which I have never explained before is one that involves three different levels at which I view economic stances. I have different sorts of ideas at three levels, and the consideration of Biblical principles is very important to me in considering these levels. I see one sort of economic stance for given families such as the traditional nuclear family. I see a different yet really rather similar set of positions at the level of individual churches. At the Federal level I strongly support free market capitalism, as unfettered by Federal regulations as is safe, for the United States taken as a whole. However, I feel that major reforms are necessary at the Federal level.

For a given family, I support a full sharing of resources in what I could almost call a “communalistic” sort of existence. Of course, I also support an adherence to the basic conservative model of “family values.” I see leadership within a nuclear family as coming from the top down, which works best with a responsible father in charge. Yet I do not like to even think about any misuse of family resources and believe strongly that money, goods and opportunities should be fully shared within the family. The family itself must function under the full authority of the family head. This is the overall meaning I take in employing the term “communalistic,” which may be a wrong word to use, I really don’t know. The word seems appropriate to me in the sense of a full sharing of opportunity and duty. I do not mean to endorse any sort of family system which does not involve fair sharing of resources for the benefit of every individual in the family. My values are Christian and no family will succeed without burdens, efforts and rewards being shared, yet I support the “family values” framework too.

photograph of a funny sign in front of a church

I am no kind of expert in economics at all, but these are my ideas, which I strongly want to be made known, so that there might no longer be any misunderstanding about just where The Daily Walk with Miracles stands.

I supported candidate Obama in 2007, but see a lot of unfulfilled promises which caused me to move away from such support in 2011. One thing that Obama promised as his idea and plan for the economic future of America remains a totally false promise, which, however, is not his fault at all. He said that he would like to see a good level of support from the Federal government be distributed among our churches, for the churches fair distribution of those resources. As I see it, the local churches understand the situation in their community better than anyone else, and can best provide help where it is needed, in a caring, Christian way. Even as the knee-jerk liberal who I was back in 2007, this always seemed like a great idea to me, and I am sad that nothing was ever done to pursue this worthy idea. I think this was because it never was seen to have much of a chance in Congress, but, why not? I believe that this alone could save America and give us back a bright future.

Churches, to the extent I understand this, are governed in different ways in different denominations, and within a given denomination, governance of church budgets differs even between individual churches of the same denomination. Yet I am sure that whatever “board” or “pastor” or just whatever any group of church elders and trusted souls in charge of the church budget exists, could easily either serve themselves or else appoint a board, to govern the distribution of Federal economic resources by each individual church. Perhaps resources could be allocated based upon the number of members of each church.

There would, inevitably, have to be certain federally imposed rules and guidelines about how these resources could be distributed, hopefully allowing a wide range of latitude left to the churches. It honestly seems to me likely that, with Presidential support for such a huge, new program, there could actually be little problem in setting this up. Why not? Even most Democrats in Congress are Christians, and I am also certain that the Republican House of Representatives would ensure that such a system would be fair. Let me be clear: this is such a new and major change that there would need to be bipartisan support.

I see this as a situation that does not involve any First Amendment problem of separation of church and state. There would inevitably be legal challenges to a church distribution of resources so that it would likely reach the Supreme Court fairly rapidly. If I am wrong and the Supreme Court ruled that there is in fact a constitutional problem with this new system, it might be necessary to amend the Constitution. However if enough congressmen and the President supported this, and there was considerable explanation of the plan to the American people, I would hope that such an amendment would not be that hard to come by.

It is also a system where it would be absolutely necessary to have support and guidance from a friendly President who was in favor of the idea. Sadly, this means it would have to probably wait, I fear, until at least 2016 to be instituted. Could President Obama be persuaded to support an idea he once campaigned on, or was that just a popular campaign promise and in fact a lie? However long it takes, supporters of this plan could be preparing the ground within Congress and explaining the idea to the American people. I believe that Americans are fed up with the bloated and over-costly system of entitlements, which forces us into passing budgets which drag us deeper and deeper into debt.

As someone who deeply feels the pain of the millions of Americans who just scrape by from month to month, or who really cannot afford a decent standard of living, I believe that, properly conceived and properly explained to them, a plan like this would gain a huge amount of support. It is not my place as someone who in fact is not trained in economics, to get into the details of a church distribution of Federal resources. However, I strongly feel that it is an idea whose time has come.

Now let me speak for a moment more about my ideas on economics for our economy as a whole, the largest, purely Federal level of the positions I take on economics. I believe that free market capitalism does in fact work, and works well. People need to have a chance to be personally rewarded for their toil and labor. However, what exists now is a system where all the rules favor the rich and the large corporations, and this does need to change. The reforms I envision would give both conservatives and liberals what they want to reform corporate capitalism.

I believe that bringing our churches into prominence in helping make our system fair would go a long way to improving the lives of all Americans.

There are other steps we must take, too. We need to stop giving tax rewards to corporations which ship our American jobs overseas. There should in fact be tax incentives which favor job creation here in America. We also need to make it impossible for a corporation like General Electric to hire such a heady bunch of accountants and tax lawyers that, in fact, they pay zero federal taxes. In other words, we need to fairly reform the system of taxation. These tax reforms would have to go along with necessary though painful large cuts to the whole system of entitlements, in favor of the church based system I have described.

In fact, a church based aid distribution system might, at comparatively minor cost, replace most of the entitlement programs which now exist.

There has to be a “failsafe” level of Federal support for the working poor, senior citizens, the disabled, our veterans and those who have fallen through the cracks. The main idea I have at this point is that, lacking enough money to even get by, many Americans rely on and must be given adequate resources so that they can at least have enough to eat each month. This means that The Daily Walk with Miracles supports food stamps, as opposed to people like Paul Ryan and also apparently the House of Representatives taken as a whole. I will note, though, that the Democratic Senate has thus far gone along with the elimination of the SNAP food stamps program, as well. As a result, there will be about 3.8 million new hungry Americans. Even worse, more recently the House passed legislation which would cut food stamps in half over ten years. This is just for a savings of $34 billion, the cost of a few F-35 fighters. If we can’t now afford to give wage earners enough of a wage so that they can have the basic necessities in life, we can at least ensure that they do not go hungry. This is the least we can do as a caring, Christian society, and I feel strongly about this.

I feel myself personally just about ready to dismantle some of the remaining system of entitlements and start over, which is, I realize, a drastic step but one supported by many conservatives, and most Tea Party types. We should not do this until the church-based replacement system is ready to go into operation. This means we must be patient for a while longer – perhaps even several years – but we must keep our “eyes on the prize” and prepare the ground for an overall transformation of the whole Federal system, economically speaking.

Given that in 2007 candidate Obama was campaigning on the idea of distributing Federal resources through the churches, and that the idea then received the support of many liberals and progressives, I see no reason for a massive “knee-jerk liberal” attack on this whole idea. Who knows better than your community churches where the suffering and the need exists, and how to distribute what aid to which people? There must be means testing of some kind and there can be no kind of belief test whatsoever. Up until now, churches have had all-too-meager resources with which to truly help all of the community.

What exactly is there about this overall idea which needs to be divisive?

As I said, I am no economist. Over the years I have read the ideas of people like Paul Krugman, Robert Reich and Bob Swern over at Daily Kos, and am currently reading, when I find time for it, from a lot from various economic theorists, including conservative ones. The ideas here, however, are original. Given that these are the economic roots I come out of, if this seems like the best idea to solve the deficit/debt problem to me, and to give aid to those who need it fairly, I would think that almost any fair minded American could support this plan. I would think that at least a plurality of Americans, who now view themselves as Independents and neither as Democrats or Republicans, should find this to be a very intriguing idea which they might well support. This is still basically be a new “solution,” and might elliminate the need for any “revolution” from the left or from the right. Besides hopefully being something liberals could support, and a lot of Independents, it is also the sort of radical shake-up of the whole economic picture that conservatives have been advocating, without really providing Americans yet with any sort of detailed plan which would replace the current system.

This idea is something that progressives once supported, although perhaps they never conceived of something on quite this scale. However, in all such ideas, the devil is in the details. Overall, I would try to make there be distinct Federal guidelines to ensure fairness in the distribution of resources, and leave the details up to the churches, who know best how to proceed. If you regulate the churches, that IS an insupportable breach of the separation of church and state. Regulate, only to the degree truly absolutely necessary for economic fairness, the basic underpinnings of the plan, and leave the churches alone.

God’s Love
If You Are Not Moved to See God’s Love for You
You Should Seek Help

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The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 18, 2014, by Paul Evans:

Here is another category of great music from my website, Evans Liberal Politics, everything electronic. For practical purposes, here this would include the sub-categories of true electronic music, house, trance, techno, dance, jazz, fusion and new age music. Basically, I wanted to collect in one place, about all the instrumental music we have on Evans Liberal Politics, excerpt the purely rock instrumentals. Ever since I made my my first blog post on Evans Liberal Politics on November 23, 2008, I have been collecting music to stream for my viewers, and I really feel I have some good sounds here. Overall I kind of feel it has mostly a trance effect on the listener. TIP: There are some 230 tracks for you over on Paul’s Playlist of rock and pop hits, music that I both paid for – about a quarter of them – and learned how to get for free so that I could share my favorite music with you. I wanted to collect the electronic and that sort of instrumental music from my playlist and share it with you:

a great playlist of hot and cool electronic sounds, with examples of pure electronic music, house, trance, techno, jazz, fusion and new age music

Hot & Cool Electronic Sounds to Inspire Us
and Help Us Through Our Day

36 of the Best Electronic Tracks Anywhere

“Mind Your Matter,” a slowly building, relentless, spacey and pulsating euphoric trance-house journey, by Bjorn Fogelberg. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 9:25

“Gravitons,” a growing, pulsating analogue techno/trance track with sweeping synthesizers on a deep bass groove, by Bjorn Fogelberg. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 7:00

Astronavigator,” uplifting and melodic, atmostpheric rockin’ space-synth music with trance, classic electronica, rock and progressive elements, by Bjorn Lynne. Originally from The ‘Old Stuff’. 6:07

thumbnail of a colorful spore “Hyperego Exchange (flowerlounge remix)”, a cool, determined and spacey rock instrumental, by Flowerlounge. — 2:01

custom cover art for Banco de Gaia performing their hit song Kincajou live "Kincajou," The techno group Banco de Gaia performs their hit live. — 5:51

custom cover art for Banco de Gaia performing their hit song 'Last Train to Lhasa' live "Last Train to Lhasa," Banco de Gaia again with a live performance of their hit song. — 5:33

“Awakeless,” an emotional, rich and melodic jazz track featuring piano, fretless bass and brush drums by Stobierski Thomas. 4:47

“Messages,” melodic and spacey electronica based around arpeggios and warm synths, by Bjorn Lynne. 6:00

U2 – Electronified

custom cover art for a great trance remix of U2's 'With Or Without You' by DJ JIRO "With Or Without You (DJ JIRO Remix)," a great trance remix of U2’s classic. Way it is sometimes. — 9:36

custom cover art for Tangerine Dream performing Ride on the Ray recorded Aug. 1, 1987 In front of the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany "Ride on the Ray," a brilliant rock-electronic piece by Tangerine Dream, recorded in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on August 1, 1987. — 9:49

Here are a couple of nuevo flamenco favorites by my favorite musician in that genre, Jesse Cook – world music with an electronic flavor:

custom cover art as a link launching nuevo flamenco artist Jesse Cook playling 'Baghdad' "Baghdad," Nuevo flamenco artist Jesse Cook really delivers in his haunting and fast paced song performed live. — 5:17

custom cover art as a link launching Jesse Cook playing Havana off of the album Frontiers "Havana," Jesse Cook performs his well liked song off the album Frontiers. — 3:41

beautiful graphic album cover art thumbnail in blue and green by Zero Project “Earthbeat,” a beautiful new age electronic track with some aspects that really rock, by the group Zero Project. — 2:24

“Spring,” an emotional, sad & sweet and kind of heavy blues rock track with great instrumentation and a lead guitar that reminds me just a little of ELP’s Lucky Man, by “mart,” an anonymous artist from Kiev. Love Mother Earth! We kinda need to have a place to live for a while, right? Ah, a night breeze wafting in through the window on a summer’s eve…. 4:37

“Mystery,” spacey, happy and summery, mysterious, passionate pop, with a new age overtone, with bass, piano, bells and great guitar, by Spinola. 5:17

a beautiful swirl with dominating black and white colors serves as a link to Logik's trance music 'Take ME nfa Mix' "Take ME (nfa Mix):" Logiks very cool trance effort and a single from 2001: Ear Damage At The End by 9barrecordings. 7:39

a haunting image of twilight and subdued sunshine in a wilderness setting “Blue Shiva,” a really cool and hip sort of long electronic piece, which sounds somehow rather symphonic to me, by Massimo Migliosi, obtained from (when they were still offering free music). The Hindu God Shiva, who is one of their Trinity of Gods, has been identified by comparative religion scholars as comparable to Christ, and is their God of destruction and regeneration. — 11.09

custom cover art for Pat Metheny playling his hit Last Train Home "Last Train Home:" Pat Metheny and his group make it real in this jazz crosssover hit. — 5:23

Here is some electronic diversion – remixes of rock songs:

custom cover art for the The Beatles singing 'We Can Work It Out' "We Can Work It Out,", which is an interesting electronic remix of the Beatles song. — 5:19

custom cover art for a remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' "Are You Gonna Go My Way," a hot remix of Lenny Kravitz performing his classic hit. — 6:15

custom cover art for a remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Let Love Rule' "Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)," Lenny Kravitz sounds great and so does the sax on the electronic house remix of his classic. — 5:14

custom cover art for a house remix of Lenny Kravitz performing 'Where Are We Running' "Where Are We Running," A hot House remix of Lenny Kravitz that really moves. — 6:22

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a beautiful little thumbnail of a rainbow colored peace sign against a misty and cloudy sky “Dance to the Music”, an unclassifiable dance rock track that you just have to listen to in order to understand the message; moves and sounds just fine, by Neary. 3:59

“Club Sound,” pumping and sizzling techno club style deep House dish, by 5 Seconds Media. 4:55

“The Black Hole In My Heart,” a relentless, sizzling, deep pounding, dark and ominous electronic track, by Bjorn Fogelberg. 7:47

“Crash Course,” a buoyant track somewhere between rock and electronica, by Dan Gautreau. 2:48

“Drive,” a positive, uplifting, energizing, fresh and funky pop-electronica crossover, by Dan Gautreau. 3:17

“80/90,” an atmospheric groove track with a repetitive, jazzy bass pattern and sensitive electric lead guitar, by Arjun Sen. 4:12

custom cover art for The Alan Parsons Project performing I Robot live "I Robot:" Follow the rhythms and find yourself in wonder. It’s not that hard, but there are several strains and rhythms going on in this live performance of a track that used to be particularly fascinating for me. — 5:50

custom cover art of a beautiful young woman in a white dress on an island serves as a link to Pink Floyd's haunting song Marooned "Marooned:" Pink Floyd’s haunting song of isolation on a desert island…. you tell ME what it’s about (as there are no words). — 5:32

thumbnail of a Microsoft Zune image of a black background with an orange and purple swirl with an eagle “Inside Information”: a positive pure electronic techno track with dancing synth patterns, and upbeat but fairly subtle electro drums, by 5 Seconds Media. Photo © Microsoft Zune. 4:11

Come With Me, a relaxing, feel good electronic chillout pop-lounge vibe with drums that is my romance's end “Come With Me,” a relaxing, good-feeling, electronic chillout pop/lounge vibe with drums that is my romance’s end – and beginning again, by John Radford. 3:05

a beautiful red candy heart serves as a link to launch Paul Van Dyk's huge hit, Nothing But You, dedicated to the one who is in my heart "Nothing But You:" Paul Van Dyk’s huge hit, dedicated to the one who comes to stay in my heart. — 3:59

“Horizons,” an uptempo, optimistic light alternative rock instrumental track, with electronic overtones, full of excitement, by Jeff Tymoschuk. 3:23

“Redemption From a Hero’s Past,” slow, spiritual and soaring, purposeful, dramatic and emotional film music in which a hero finds redemption, by Silence in Central Park. 8:16

a beautiful and magical crystal ball on a purple background serves as a link to Kebabi Man's lostatSea, a podcast called 'radio waves from space' "lostatSea:" a podcast by Kebabi Man, AKA Julien Love out of Brisbane, called radio waves from space, designed for the dancefloor and mixing vintage Detroit techno with Chicago house. 59:53

Helpful Information from Evans Liberal Politics
IQ vs. EQ

Excerpt From High IQ Doesn’t Equal Success, Focus on Your EQ, Dumb Little Man: Tips For Life, No Date, by Jay White, excerpt quoted verbatim:

What Is EQ – Emotional Intelligence?

Comment by Evans Liberal Politics owner Paul Evans: We all have a good idea what IQ is, and we all tend to think success is all about smarts, about having a high IQ. It isn’t. People who have this “other” kind of smarts, EQ, or emotional intelligence, tend to be truly successful in life, and raw IQ doesn’t really matter quite as much (although of course both are important). So what is this “EQ,” anyway. Jay White gives us a good summary:

The term “emotional intelligence” first received widespread attention in a 1995 best-selling book by psychologist Daniel Goldman titled Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

Researchers have coined the term “EQ” (or EI, link points to Wikipedia article) to describe an individual’s level of emotional intelligence. People with high levels of EQ are those who enjoy more self-esteem, have more compassion and empathy for others, maintain closer relationships and adapt more easily to life’s ups and downs.

These four competencies are recognized as key components of a high EQ level:

  1. Self-awareness, meaning that you know yourself and understand your emotions. This includes being able to assess your strengths and weaknesses accurately. It also includes having a healthy amount of self-confidence.
  2. Self-management, meaning you have control of your emotions, act rationally and react to change in a positive manner. This also includes being trustworthy, conscientious, committed and optimistic.
  3. Social awareness, meaning you have an understanding of the emotions of others and know how to effectively react to these emotions. This includes having empathy and compassion for others, recognizing their unique talents and qualities, and having excellent communication skills. It also includes being comfortable in many types of social situations.
  4. Relationship management, which is the ability to maintain all types of relationships, to avoid unnecessary conflict, and to work through conflict successfully when it does arise. This includes building a sphere of influence and taking leadership when needed.

Comment by Paul Evans: While the way we are raised and educated has a lot to do with a person’s EQ, as does a certain innate, inherited ability at it, one can see from these four components that, unlike IQ, EQ is something that can be learned. Ever wonder why people read self help books?

See The Language of Emotional Intelligence: The Five Essential Tools for Building Powerful and Effective Relationships [Paperback] ( book description and purchase page).

See What is Emotional Intelligence? — Goleman’s Five Concepts in Relation to Men, Women, and Their IQ, Suite, March 5, 2010, by Daya Bihm.


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Documentary video: “AFTERMATH Population Zero Full”

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

Documentary video:
“AFTERMATH Population Zero Full”

God is Just
“For none is righteous.
No, not one”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 18, 2014:

What is the upside of believing the Bible is not all we need to understand the truth? True Christians, real Christians, speak of the Rapture, and there are those few Christians who understand and who believe that alien spaceships will beam us up to safety. “When they come for me, I’ll be gone.” (as written by the alternative music group Linkin Park)

Jesus is the King of the aliens. It is their world, but it is God’s world, above all. But I pray that it will be that mercy must be more important than judgment as in James. Dear God, please teach the world, and do not destroy it, even though we fully deserve your judgment. With your help, humanity might learn what is truth and live it, and drop false doctrine, and have unselfish hearts. Please, Dear God. Amen. And “May it be” God Bless and Blessed Be.

It is God’s world, the Great All, the God I tried to explain in my conception of Logos. Especially see Old Testament Psalm 46, a prophecy.

Watch Daniel’s Timeline! The tribulation has begun…, YouTube documentary video — 1:57:34.

Watch After the Tribulation (Full Movie) – Alex Jones, YouTube documentary video — 1:53:10.

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Video: Nine Inch Nails — “The Perfect Drug”

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

October 17, 2014

Video: Nine Inch Nails
The Perfect Drug

Dedicated to the Yuhanick family, who saved me from homelessness
and to Vera, my psychiatrist, for all her love

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished with editing October 17, 2014, republished July 15, 2014 and May 25, 2014, first published May 23, 2014, by Paul Evans. It’s really getting pretty intense for me. Ladies, I am on PlentyOfFish, the world’s largest free dating website, where I am known as “SaltyDawg57″ in Wooster, Ohio. I am not seeing anyone and I really really could use some, er, help.

Our Motto: “If you can’t dazzle them with derring do, baffle them with bullsh*t. If you can’t baffle them with bullsh*t, hire an expert.” We offer our services to website owners, either to buy articles for publication, or to do other work such as search engine optimization, or for installation of blog sites such as WordPress.
I am offering my skills for reasonable prices as an editor.
So far I have edited 12 books, the last about spiritualist Christianity.

A Way to Live Life: You make a little money, and you give God his ten percent cut.
Tithing has been the custom from time immemorial.

Act about money fairly caringly, we all need to get by, but good ideas, you mostly give away, if they’re important enough that everyone needs them. If they are not so important, making some money off of them is a good idea, because by society’s twisted logic, they would see the ideas as more important that way. That’s why we are going to be charging to view some of our pages here. It actually will bring in more visitors and we will have free weekends and some weekdays, just as eHarmony does. What is unChristian about that?

Have a Little Chartreuse Liquor
(The Perfect Drug? Drink Water.)
Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day!
Right, and I have four acres for sale for $1
[[Just dry up and treat me right, people.]]

The Perfect Drug is Sex


Kid Rock – CARE
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The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

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The Christian Place for Guys to Go
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“The Love Doctor is In”

We can all go to dating websites, or hang out in bars with our buddies, or do the whole Facebook and social networking thing, but in the end as mature men I think we all come to realize that most of the problems we have in our lives are caused by women. It’s been that way since the Garden of Eden. Personally, I have been basically destroyed several times over, and I’m sure many guys can relate. (If you don’t see this yet, don’t worry, reality will set in.) I was going to have this feature of The Daily Walk with Miracles be just another chat room, then I thought to myself, where can I do the most good in the world, and also be something almost unique on the internet, in my experience of it? Here, in this chat room, we won’t judge you and we just want to help each other. If you seriously disrespect anyone here, you will be banned. So what we envision is a chat room for men, centered around the idea of our talking with each other about our “women troubles,” which ultimately we may charge a small fee to belong to. This will work just like the technology for chat rooms on the dating websites. Please have patience while we out the details. I’d prefer not to charge any darn fee but I am very poor as those things go and for whatever reason have not been able to make any money for my own efforts with The Daily Walk with Miracles (to pay for improvements) any other way, so I do apologize and I promise I won’t charge much, and will have some free days and weekends, too.

I know that men hurt women a lot, too, and we won’t absolutely, say you can’t join, but I’m a guy and I can’t quite relate to the way you women think, you keep hurting me over and over, and here the emphasis will be on guys helping guys about their lady problems, and about life in general. Sometimes life can really suck, it seems like such a battle all the time. Sometimes, to quote my friend and benefactor Paul Yuhanick, “faith is getting out of bed in the morning.” And Paul is one of the most devout Christian men I have ever met!

I have been with many women been hurt a lot, really terribly wounded emotionally, and hurt a few of them, too, but basically because I never found a caring woman who would be kind and also affectionate to me. I have thought about it, and prayed about it, when the solution of this chat room came to me. I am aware of the ways I am lacking but I do not want to face it because it would be too painful. These women were the ones who lost faith in and rejected me, not vice versa, in almost all cases. I can’t even get one to chat with me in a continuing series of conversations. Men, can you relate?

Everyone please feel encouraged to watch Don Williams – “I Believe in You”, a performance from 2013. This is a great video, and it is good to hear Don Williams, he is my favorite country singer. The song was number one on the country charts, pop charts and even on rock charts. In this 2013 performance he sounds as good as ever, though I think his voice is diminished just a little from having smoked cigarettes. I don’t know if he did or still does, but, folks, I smoke cigarettes. That’s just who I am and with me, maybe because I am mentally ill and have suffered just a little, I don’t believe I can ever quit. Besides which I am a king and a priest in the Charismatic Christian tradition so that I will smoke if I choose to, however unsociable that makes me.

We are all scarred by this life we have led. The pain of it leads almost all of us to seek comfort in various addictions to which we are subject, as an escape. There are so many tensions in Western society, with it fast and nervous pace, and that contributes, too. Are you addicted to coffee? cigarettes? weed? drugs (and marijuana is not a drug at all, not chemically produced, just a natural, healthful herb (see Genesis 1: 29-31). How about shopping or Facebook, are you addicted to that? Twitter, the internet in general, PC or Apple technology? video games? music? women, men, sex? The point is, we are all addicts, each of us, and we shouldn’t judge each other, just as Jesus taught.

I was not raised as a Christian. I have the spirit of a great king inside me, and also I seem in contact with His will in life. God I need your prayers, dear ones. I really wanted to be a good person, I am so weak and selfish and lacking in so many ways. I tried to be a Christian in 1978-79 and have studied comparative religion since this time. In 2007 and 2008 I studied spiritualist Christianity. In between times I was a Unitarian-Universalist and I still especially value their First Principle, “the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” I sang for 16 years in the U-U choir and we sang mainly Christian songs. My favorite was “For the beauty of the earth.” I trained for eleven years in college in geology and earth science and I love nature. Since August of 2012 I have been instructed in the teachings of charismatic Christianity. All this together allows me a unique voice here at The Daily Walk with Miracles. The Yuhanick family I live with has definitely saved my life, and these are the people who taught me the “way” of charismatic Christianity. About one quarter of Christians are charismatic, but Daniel reminded me that these are certainly not all who are saved. Whether you are Christian or not, all are welcome here, regardless of politics or faith.

I have got to the point where I’m starting to not care any more…. It just doesn’t seem to matter to me anymore, basically any more, about almost anything. This last time, I cared very much about the lady, but never had a chance. I’m just, like the Pink Floyd song, “Comfortably Numb.” I guess I need to be helped by people more than I can help anybody, but I hope that we can all help each other in this chat room.

Please feel encouraged add me to your Yahoo messenger. I am (chat only, email me at Guys, I could use a few buddies to talk with before I get the chat room place, hopefully in the next few days. However love, and caring women, get me excited and high. The love of a caring woman is such a gift from God! As far as that goes, NOBODY is getting any money from me, I’ve been scammed by the best. Maybe I could even find someone to help me with this website!

See Ten Words of Counsel for Single People – John Piper (of, YouTube relationship video — 14:11. These are hard truths, and I hate to think they are all true, but it is difficult and hard to keep Piper’s words to the letter of his teachings. I don’t believe him in his second truth, but the truth here on masturbation is correct, insofar as I can see it. I know that his teaching to not spend too much alone is something I am guilty of, at the same time that I am needy for companionship. As he says, “Ours is to seek the kingdom first.” Yet he speaks of “slavery to God.” These are hard teachings that I would like to talk with you about. How do you feel about what John Piper says here?

God’s Love
A Startling Proof of God’s Omnipotence and Love
For Each and Every One of His Children

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(1611 King James Authorized Version)

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The Old Testament Proverbs – Proverbs Chapter 3: King James Version

The Daily Walk with Miracles Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful News and Inspiration Provider

The Old Testament Proverbs – Proverbs
Chapter 3: King James Version

Instruction on leading a joyful life
and Listening to the wisdom of our elders

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 15, 2014:

Proverbs Ch. 3:1 My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:

Prov: 3:2 For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

Prov: 3:3: Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:

Prov: 3:4: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.

Prov: 3:5: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Prov: 3:6: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Prov: 3:7: Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

Prov: 3:8: It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

Prov: 3:9: Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:

Prov: 3:10: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.

Prov: 3:11: My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction:

Prov: 3:12: For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

Prov: 3:13: Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

Prov: 3:14: For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.

Prov: 3:15: She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Prov: 3:16: Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour.

Prov: 3:17: Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

Proverbs Ch. 3:18: She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.

Prov: 3:19: The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens.

Prov: 3:20: By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew.

Prov: 3:21: My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion:

Prov: 3:22: So shall they be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck.

Prov: 3:23 Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble.

Prov: 3:24: When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.

Prov: 3:25: Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh.

Prov: 3:26: For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.

Prov: 3:27: Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

Prov: 3:28: Say not unto thy neighbour, Go, and come again, and to morrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee.

Prov: 3:29: Devise not evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.

Prov: 3:30: Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm.

Prov: 3:31: Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.

Prov: 3:32: For the froward is abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous.

Prov: 3:33: The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just.

Prov: 3:34: Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.

Prov: 3:35: The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

God’s Love
A Startling Proof of God’s Omnipotence and Love
For Each and Every One of His Children

Please Visit The Official King James Bible Online
(1611 King James Authorized Version)

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